• Sam D-H

In the pursuit of fullness

What drives our lives? What is it that gets us out of bed in the morning? Descartes famously said "I think therefore I am". Yet I don't think it is thinking that is providing my life with vibrant purpose. Sure I think stuff. We all do. But in me there is something much deeper, it drives my life, gives me purpose, it's desire. This desire in me is aimed at something. I want 'the good life', I want something I was created for. I want fullness.

We all have a picture of fullness, it is formed through family, life experiences, movies, advertising, peers and social media. All these channels create a picture in our mind of what 'the good life' looks like. Then we spend our time desperately trying to create our lives to match that image of fullness. Yet our picture never quite matches up, or if it does it's only for a moment, then 'poof' it's gone again. Like sand running through our fingers at the beach. It is something we chase and yet something we can't keep. The world is constantly breaking promises to me. It offers me fullness it simply cannot deliver. I'm done with it.

Jesus said "I have come that you might have fullness of life" (Jn10:10). This is what I want to explore here in this blog. This is my adventure into fullness. A fullness that is given, not taken. A fullness that is relational not individual. A fullness that is in fact a person, not a package or promotion.

I am simply a 30 something year old bloke who has given his life to Jesus' offer of fullness. I am learning again how to live and you are most welcome to join me on that pursuit.

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