looking ahead

Well here we are, another re-invention of how we meet! We've lost count!

Every Thursday night at 8 EVERYONE is invited to the TGC bible study. It’ll be lovely to see each others faces.


Pods are welcome to still meet (online) if they would like. Pods will also continue to be our main way of staying in touch and sharing need, struggle and of course celebration as well. 



We’re sticking to once a fortnight, but with a twist. 

One week will be a livestream Sunday the next Sunday there will be a short 15 mins livestream where we’ll say hi and we can ‘touch base’, share news and we will play the weekly sermon then as well. It’ll be there to act as a live intro to the worship at home material which I sent out last week. (It’s also available online on our resources page). 

the groves community