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why we exist

We are a local church planted out of All Saints, Hoole. We meet weekly on Thursdays in a house for community, and every Sunday to worship in the local school.


We exist to see the Groves and beyond transformed by God. Our heart is to build a family. We want to be a place where whoever you are and whatever is going on in your life, you are welcome. We want to be a community of real people, living real lives, honest about all the struggles and celebrating all the triumphs. We exist to see Jesus change lives, heal brokenness and bring hope. We exist because God desires each and every person on this earth to experience forgiveness and fullness of life. Finally, we exist to worship God, because he is worthy of it. 

We express this desire with three simple words: connection, community and freedom. 

our values


In the Bible, God seems to like the idea of family. First, he creates a family, then he calls a family, then he calls a people to be his family. Then when the family was struggling he sent his own family, his Son, to sort it all out. He calls us to love each other like brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. We are the family of God.

We believe being part of God’s family is about being there for each other in the good and the bad. Life is sometimes really hard and we want to be a church that walks with each other in those times. Life is also amazing and we want to make sure we celebrate those beautiful moments together.

We express this in lots of ways. Through meeting and eating at each other’s houses. Meeting each other’s needs as they arise. Praying for each other and being generous with what we have.

The Groves Church is a family.

The Groves Church is a family who gather around God. We believe that God is worthy of all our praise and our lives. As such when we meet we give God space to meet with us as we eat, sing, preach the bible and pray for each other. We believe that God is in the business of transforming lives. He longs to show us His love, grace and mercy displayed ultimately in Jesus and his life, death, and resurrection. Jesus really loves this world, so we want to as well. As a church, we want to lives that are missional and purposeful.

Being a church doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously mind! In fact we aim to not take ourselves seriously at all but we want to take Jesus seriously, making him look great and enjoying him.

God loves our community. He wants it to flourish and we want to join him in seeing that happen. We are therefore committed to our local school, businesses, and community. All are welcome in our community but regardless of whether people are part of The Groves Church or not we value them. We aim to seek ways to help our community and everyone in it continue to grow and thrive.

We currently run various events throughout the year and put lots of time into our local school.

We want to partner with anyone who wants to bless the Groves.




Sam D-H

Sam is the Pastor of TGC. He is ordained in the Church of England. He loves people, sport and food. To his great credit he is a Manchester United fan. Sam leads at TGC alongside a small team. 


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